Volunteer Procedures

Delivery Time:
In an effort to create uniform delivery times from Sunday to Sunday, we have agreed that Soul Food goes out the door of our churches at 3:45 p.m. with delivery to homes no earlier than 4:00 p.m.
Delivery Routes:
Keith & Susan Finlayson will generate driver routes and provide them to the cooking church by Wednesday.  We will have only four delivery routes this year.  The Driver Sheets group delivery addresses as much as possible into evenly distributed sections of town.  Churches, feel free to have your drivers organize the addresses on their routes differently for better efficiency if you see a way to improve the routes.
After Your Deliveries are Made:
We would very much appreciate clear written feedback from the drivers regarding families who aren't home to receive the meals as well as any misinformation that we may have on our lists (wrong address, incorrect number of dinners needed, nobody home, vacant house, etc).
It is extremely helpful to receive drivers' feedback no later than Monday evening after your Soul Food delivery.
As in the past, please provide driver feedback to Susan Finlayson (by phone, fax, text, or email) no later than Monday evening after your Soul Food delivery.  This will give Dee a chance to connect with folks who may have missed a meal.  Updated Driver Sheets will be sent out by Wednesday each week.  Folks who have moved, are hospitalized, or are new additions to Soul Food will be reflected on the updated sheets.
A Reminder about Soup:
Not all our drivers have a nice flat space in their vehicles to transport the meals.  Thus, we have had issues with the bowls/lids/cups and spillage when it comes to soups.  With this in mind, cooks may want to steer away from soup as part of the meal.
Weather related Cancellations: ***
If bad weather makes traveling hazardous on a Sunday evening, the church that is cooking on that particular day has the authority to cancel delivery.  If it's your Sunday and you elect to cancel, please notify Susan Finlayson and call KMZU (660-542-0404) immediately.
Dee has conveyed to her clients up front that delivery will be made weather permitting. We have also included this information on the Soul Food flyer that was posted at HELP Services and in each church office.
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