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Joy Filled Worship

10:00 a.m. each Sunday
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Our form of worship is traditional but offered in a fresh and engaging style. Always aware that we are in the presence of God, Reverend Williams brings a clear sense of reverence to the worship service. At the same time his passion for worship is evidenced by his energy and joyfulness. We never leave worship without feeling uplifted.

Virtually everyone who joins us for worship, regardless of denominational background, finds something in our services that is familiar. People quickly feel at home here.

We are blest with inspirational music. Our Adult Choir and Junior Choir (grades 3-6), take turns singing at our worship services. Soloists and quartets sing from time to time as well. On most Sundays our hymns are led by both organ and piano.

Children & Worship

Our children are important to us. They are also important to Christ. So, we are anxious to let children know they have a place in the house of God. In fact, acolytes such as those shown above, begin the worship service by bringing in the Light of Christ. At the close of the service they witness to the congregation by taking the Light of Christ out into the world.

Each Sunday morning service includes “Children's Moments,” a special time when the children come to the front of the church to receive a message just for them.

Holy Communion

We celebrate the Eucharist on the first Sunday of each month. In the United Methodist Church the Lord's Table is open to all believers regardless of denominational preference or affiliation. Anyone who seeks to know Jesus Christ is welcome at His table and in our church's celebration of this beautiful sacrament.


Our nursery is open during both Sunday School and worship hours.

Large Print Bulletins

Some worshippers will benefit from the large print edition of our worship bulletins. Not only do these large print versions include the prayers and other liturgy for the worship service, they also include a large print version of the morning announcements as well as a larger version of all the hymns that we sing. It's all there!

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