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Parking Lot Lines

The yellow and blue church parking lines were fading so much you could hardly see them. So, we repainted them along with three handicap symbols.  A lot of church members expressed their thanks for a job well done!

Soul Food

This is a ministry that was started by our United Methodist Church many years ago. Five other Carrollton churches have joined the effort the last few years.  Every year since 2013 our Youth Group has cooked meals for the Soul Food ministry.  Each time we have prepared between 80 to 101 warm meals for needy Carrollton families. It's a big job, but we love doing it!

Bowling & Mexican Lunch

The Youth Group recently had a great time in Chillicothe one Sunday afternoon.  First they went out to eat at El Toro.  Turns out they love Mexican food!  Once they were “full” they headed over to the bowling alley where, for two hours, they did their best to knock down as many of those crazy pins as possible.  Some of us got better as we went along; some got worse!  But, everyone had a blast all afternoon!

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Pancakes for Puerto Rico

Fund Raiser; Emergency relief for the victims of hurricane Maria.

Amazing Alfredo

We offered several versions of this Italian favorite.  It was another big success.  All proceeds raised were given to our church's Scholarship Fund.

Youth Group's Gift to the Congregation

One year Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday and the Youth Group just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something nice.  As everyone left worship that day members of the Youth Group distributed small bags of Valentine candy and Bible verses about love.  The congregation loved it!

Nursing Home Ministry

With age many of our church members go to a Nursing Home or similar facility.  But, we don't want them to think we have forgotten them.  So, we take them presents and visit with them a bit around the holidays.  They love the visits and we have a great time seeing them.

The Methodist Malt Shop

This was another ice cream social, but this one was on a much larger scale and we raised money (over $1,200) for the church's new college scholarship fund.  This was a project of our youth confirmation class in the summer of 2016.

Mostaccioli Madness

In October 2015 we served a dinner after church to raise money for the emergency assistance ministry of the Carrollton Ministerial Alliance.  It was called "Mostaccioli Madness" because we served three versions of the famous Italian pasta along with salads, garlic bread, and Italian desserts.  It was a big hit and we raised $820 for the Carrrollton Ministerial Alliance.

St. Patrick's Dinner Helps Others

Our March 15, 2015 dinner raised $620 that will be used to further the good work being done by Heifer International; a group that helps others help themselves.  The money we raised will purchase animals that will not only feed someone for a little while, but provide a long-term income.  Those who receive help through Heifer International then turn around and pass along the gift of an animal to another needy family.  So, the benefits of the original gift continue to multiply!  This is a great cause; our Youth Group did a very good thing!  Previously back on March 18, 2012, the Youth Group did a St. Pat's Dinner that raised money for the Camping Fund.

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Pancake Breakfast

Our efforts on Saturday, March 1, 2014 netted $1,255.80.  This money was raised to help support the work of the Carrollton Ministerial Alliance as it provides emergency assistance to local residents.  The Ministerial Alliance also sponsors and coordinates the annual Christmas food distribution in December. It felt good to be a part of an ecumenical ministry that helps so many people.  Our menu included: pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon as well as biscuits and gravy.  We also offered milk, orange juice, and coffee to drink.

Ice Cream Social

Our Youth Group put on an indoor Ice Cream Social on the evening of Sunday, June 30, 2013 to say thanks to the church family for all the hard work that was done in upgrading and remodeling the Youth House.  However, we ended up raising additional funds for youth ministry.

Youth Spaghetti Dinner

On September 22, 2013 our Youth Group organized and hosted a benefit Spaghetti Dinner to raise money for Imagine No Malaria, a cause that the United Methodist Church is emphasizing in a concerted effort to totally wipe out malaria by the year 2015.  It takes only $10 to save a life in the battle against this deadly, but curable disease.  We raised over $1,100 thus saving 110 lives! Find out more about the United Methodist Church what is being done to wipe out malaria.

We Boxed Up a Lot of Baby Clothes

We plugged into one of our church's mission projects in October 2014.  We boxed up the “Baby Bundle” packs so they could be driven to the “Festival of Sharing” in Sedalia.  Church members donated the baby clothing items.  They also gave cash so additional baby clothes could be purchased.  We helped by boxing up all the “Baby Bundle” kits, taping up and labeling the boxes.

Sunday School Breakfast

One of our confirmands prepared a delicious breakfast for everyone who came to Sunday School one morning.  This wasn't a fund raiser, it was just a kind gesture that was done as part of the confirmands' learning about becoming a member of the church.  The food was much appreciated and everyone had a great time.

Youth Ushers

During the summer, Rev. Williams askes us to take our turn serving as ushers.  This was a new idea for our church.  We received a lot of positive feedback from the older members of the congregation who said we did a great job.  The pastor said he thought we did an awesome job of it, too.  So, now every summer (and other times of the year) the youth do a month of ushering.  It's fun!

Serving Holy Communion

Rev. Williams is anxious for youth to join him in the great honor of serving Holy Communion to the church family.  Youth going through the confirmation class are invited to help the pastor servce Holy Communion.  Once they become full members of the church, youth may serve communion when ever asked by the pastor.  This is also a relatively new ministry for the youth of the church.

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Children's Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we stuff well over 500 plastic eggs with candy and hide them around the church on Easter morning.  Following the worship service the children of the church have a great time hunting for the eggs.

Help with V.B.S.

Every year we help the adults lead a five-day Vacation Bible School for the children of the church and the community.  Over the years we have helped with recreation (of course!), led the singing, participated in skits, and helped in the classrooms wherever we are needed.

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