Church News

Confirmation Sunday  (This Sunday!)
What a joyful day this will be!  Our five youth confirmands will become professing members of our Carrollton United Methodist Church.  Sydney Bartlett, Chloe Lock, Edyn Mulch, Alisen Pierson, and Emily Samples have all completed their ten-week confirmation training with Rev. & Mrs. Williams.  They have learned about God, the Church, United Methodism, the sacraments, and more.  This is not just a special day for these five youth, but a tremendously important day for our entire congregation.  Everyone in our church family should be present to support and welcome these, our newest, members.  The Adult Choir will be singing in celebration of this joyous day.

Solar Eclipse Weekend Worship Service
Our community is planning several activities surrounding the August 21 total solar eclipse.  One of those activities is a community worship service this Sunday, August 20 at 7:00 p.m. led by the Carrollton Ministerial Alliance.  Our own pastor, Rev. Williams, will bring the message for that evening's worship celebration.  The service will be held at the baseball field near the high school parking lot.

Grow Spiritually
You are invited to join the Beginning Disciples group in a potentially life changing study of the book, “We Make the Road by Walking” by Brain D. McLaren.  The book promises to take us on "a year-long quest for spiritual formation, reorientation, and activation.  Susie Bliss is the leader of the Beginning Disciples group.  You have two opportunities to participate.  You may attend either on Wednesday evenings (5:30-6:30) or on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour (9:00-10:00) in the church library.

The Lord's Produce Table
Do you have extra produce growing in your garden?  Want to do something useful and thoughtful with it?  Then bring it to church and put it on the The Lord's Produce table.  Anyone who would like to "buy" these items may leave a freewill donation.  All donations will be sent to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (U.M.C.O.R.) to help with disaster relief.  Learn more about our new Lord's Produce Table.

1892 Methodist Book of Discipline
We have received a donation of an 1892 edition of The Doctrines & Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The Book of Discipline is revised after each General Conference (a world gathering of Methodists that occurs every four years). It contains the doctrines, policies, and rules of the Methodist Church. When this particular edition was published our Methodist denomination was split over several issues. Since then, virtually all these issues have been resolved and the various splintered factions have reunited as the Methodist Church. Still later (1968) we would become the United Methodist Church upon the merger with the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

The cornerstone for our church sanctuary was laid in 1899. Thus, those good Carrollton Methodists who envisioned and built our sanctuary would have, for a while, ministered under the guidance of an 1892 edition of The Discipline.

The copy that was given to our church last month was found among family records belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Pete (Molly) Hartwig and their children Lewis Hartwig and Margaret Hartwig, Carrollton MO. Linda Jackson has presented it to The Carrollton United Methodist Church, Carrollton, MO, in their memory. Margaret Hartwig is the last living member of the family.

Upper Room Magazines
The July-August issue of the Upper Room devotional magazine is now available.  Pick up a copy at the back of the sanctuary or on the information table in the hallway.  As always, we have both regular and large print versions.

Scholarship Awarded
It's just a little historical.  Our new Scholarship Fund was able to provide its first scholarship this year!  Brandon Bartlett applied and met all the qualifications with flying colors.  The size of our scholarships is based on the amount of money we have available and the number of qualifying students who apply.  Since one person applied we were able to award a much larger scholarship than expected, $1,000.  Congratulations to Brandon on being the very first recipient of a Carrollton U.M.C. scholarship

Prayer Chapel Now Open to the Community
Just over a year ago church member Kathy Long first received an inspiration to create a place where anyone would be able to pray.  After facing many challenges, Kathy has been able to fulfill that inspiration with the completion of the White Feather Prayer Chapel located at 501 North Main Street.  To find out more and see pictures click here.

Back Steps
At a meeting this past fall the church trustees set as one of its 2017 goals the repair of the steps on the east side of the building leading into the sanctuary. However, our trustees are go-getters and they did not wait until 2017, but jumped on the project right away. It was completed on December 31, 2016! The steps had been crumbling for years and only getting worse - and dangerous. The new steps included a much larger platform and the platform is now level with the door itself which is a great improvement.  [See a Picture]

Church Steeple Repair
Long ago our church steeple had a decorative topper.  However, it broke off many years ago (10 years at least).  At that time a coffee can was placed on top of the steeple as a quick fix.  A couple of years ago we noticed that the coffee can had disappeared; probably blown away in a storm.  Since then the Trustees have wondered how to get to the top of the steeple to determine its condition.  The concern was that there might be a hole up there that would allow rain and snow to get in.  Well, thanks to a camera-bearing drone we now have our answer.  As you can see there is definitely a hole that needs to be addressed.  We are currently trying to decide the best way to cap off the hole and how to get up there to do it!!  No small challenge to be sure.  Thanks to Dan Gawedzinsky who was kind enough to bring his drone to the church and take the photos.  If you would like to see more detail, click here to see pictures

A Prayer Group has Started
We have had an e-mail prayer chain for over five years. However, there is much more to prayer than asking for God's help. Prayer is an avenue to a deeper relationship with God. It can be a venue for profound spiritual growth.  A prayer group is being started. They will meet every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. at the church. The group will begin by looking at the Bible to see what it tells us about prayer. Those who are starting the group are looking forward to supporting others in prayer and actions while growing deeper in faith. Anyone interested is welcome to join the group.

Methodist Malt Shop Memories
Everyone had a great time at the Methodist Malt Shop this past July.  The four members of our 2016 confirmation class raised $1,200 for the church's new scholarship fund by putting on this fun event for the congregation.  [See pictures and learn more]

New Sanctuary Doors
Three new exterior doors have been given to the church.  They each lead into the sanctuary.  These doors, which can be seen at the front of the church, are a gift from the Paul Barry Memorial Fund.  They were installed in August.  [Find out more about these beautiful doors and see the full picture]

Bring Us Your Used Inkjet and Toner Cartridges
Help the church save money on office supplies!  We are part of a program whereby we receive credit for office supplies when we recycle used printer toner and ink cartridges.  Those printer cartridges are bad for the environment, so don't toss them in the trash, bring them to church and we'll put them to good use.  Thanks for helping.

New Sidewalk for the Day Care
We have seen a need for some time now for a paved sidewalk leading from the main entrance of our Guardian Angel Day Care to the two outdoor play areas. As this is being written that sidewalk is finally becoming a reality. The picture below shows the progress made on the first day. Perhaps by time you read this, it will have been completed. The children of the Day Care have been pressing their noses to the window watching with great interest. As Jannie Saltsgaver commented, "We have free entertainment! The kids have all kinds of questions about what the workers are doing." The sidewalk will add a bit of safety to the children. We believe it will also improve the appearance of the area behind the church.  [See a Picture]

Flower Chart
Would you like to put flowers on the altar? We have a lot of available Sundays. Check out the chart on the bulletin board by the church office, or simply call the church office reserve the Sunday of your choice.

Don't forgot about our on-going Best Choice Save-A-Label Program!  Start saving them right now if you have not already been doing so.  Then bring your UPC (proof of purchase) labels to church and put them in the can located on a table in the hallway.  The can is marked “Best Choice.”  Our church's Bereavement Dinner Committee will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC labels.

Large Print Worship Bulletins
In addition to our regular-sized bulletins, we are now providing a large print version of our worship bulletin for those who would benefit from larger text.  Large print versions of the hymns are also included as well as a larger version of the bulletin insert with all the announcements.

C.M.U. Tops in Dollars for Scholars
Central Methodist University (formerly, Central Methodist College) leads all UMC-related colleges and universities in the country in the number of Dollars For Scholars student aid recipients.  C.M.U. partners with local United Methodist congregations, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) and the Missouri United Methodist Foundation (MUMF) to provide these renewable ($3K-$4K) scholarships.  This year C.M.U. and the Missouri Conference had 45 DFS recipients, second only to the Georgia Conference, which has nearly a dozen UMC-related colleges and universities compared to Missouri's one and only university-C.M.U.
[Learn about scholarships for United Methodist members]