Church News

Pictorial Directory - Sign up Now!
We are planning a new pictorial directory this spring.  Portrait photo shoots will be Thursday through Saturday, March 22-24, 2018.  We are partnering with Lifetouch Photography to take the photos and print the directories.  Each family who gets their picture taken will receive a free church pictorial directory as well as a free 8x10" portrait.  The photographer will take several poses.  Lifetouch Photography will, of course, give you an opportunity to purchase additional pictures from any of the poses.  Registration is now open.  You can sign up at church or call the church office to sign up.  But the easiest way is to simply sign up online.  You can register and find out all the details right here!

Pictures Needed
Our new church pictorial directory will include pictures of our church activities. If you have taken pictures of church events (or will in the next few months), please send them to the pastor or call him at 542-0277.  He is now collecting pictures for the new directory.

Lay Servant Training
A "Basic Course" for Lay Servant Training is being offering by our district office.  It will held at Evolution U.M.C. in St. Joseph, MO.  This is a 5-week course on the Monday evenings from February 19 to March 19.  Each week it will be taught by diferent United Methodist Pastors.  This is a fundamental course designed to equip church leaders and renew current leaders in the United Methodist Church.  [More Information].

Upper Room Magazines
The March-April 2018 issue of the Upper Room devotional magazine is now available.  This issue takes us through the holy season of Lent.  So, this is a particularly meaningful issue to use.  Pick up a copy at the back of the sanctuary or on the information table in the hallway.  As always, we have both regular and large print versions.

Welcome Scouts
For the last few years we have had a Boy Scout troop meeting in the church fellowship hall on Monday evenings.  Sadly, that group has not been able to find adequate adult leadership to carry on.  In their place, we now have a Cub Scout Pack that meets here on the third Monday and a Wolves and Bears scout group that meets here the second and fourth Monday evenings.  Please pray for these young scouts and their adult leaders.  We are glad that we can be of help by providing them a safe place to gather.

Fall Food & Fellowship Report
Thanks to everyone who helped with this fun (and delicious) annual tradition.  We raised $1,612.08 this year.  The Church Council voted to direct all the proceeds this year to the Scholarship Fund.

Flower Chart
Would you like to put flowers on the altar? We have a lot of available Sundays. Check out the chart on the bulletin board by the church office, or simply call the church office reserve the Sunday of your choice.

Church Steeple Repair
Long ago our church steeple had a decorative topper.  However, it broke off many years ago (10 years at least).  At that time a coffee can was placed on top of the steeple as a quick fix.  A couple of years ago we noticed that the coffee can had disappeared; probably blown away in a storm.  Since then the Trustees have wondered how to get to the top of the steeple to determine its condition.  The concern was that there might be a hole up there that would allow rain and snow to get in.  Well, thanks to a camera-bearing drone we now have our answer.  As you can see there is definitely a hole that needs to be addressed.  We are currently trying to decide the best way to cap off the hole and how to get up there to do it!!  No small challenge to be sure.  Thanks to Dan Gawedzinsky who was kind enough to bring his drone to the church and take the photos.  If you would like to see more detail, click here to see pictures

Bring Us Your Used Inkjet and Toner Cartridges
Help the church save money on office supplies!  We are part of a program whereby we receive credit for office supplies when we recycle used printer toner and ink cartridges.  Those printer cartridges are bad for the environment, so don't toss them in the trash, bring them to church and we'll put them to good use.  Thanks for helping.

Don't forgot about our on-going Best Choice Save-A-Label Program!  Start saving them right now if you have not already been doing so.  Then bring your UPC (proof of purchase) labels to church and put them in the can located on a table in the hallway.  The can is marked “Best Choice.”  Our church's Bereavement Dinner Committee will earn $30 in cash for each bundle of 1,000 UPC labels.

Large Print Worship Bulletins
In addition to our regular-sized bulletins, we are now providing a large print version of our worship bulletin for those who would benefit from larger text.  Large print versions of the hymns are also included as well as a larger version of the bulletin insert with all the announcements.

C.M.U. Tops in Dollars for Scholars
Central Methodist University (formerly, Central Methodist College) leads all UMC-related colleges and universities in the country in the number of Dollars For Scholars student aid recipients.  C.M.U. partners with local United Methodist congregations, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation (UMHEF) and the Missouri United Methodist Foundation (MUMF) to provide these renewable ($3K-$4K) scholarships.  This year C.M.U. and the Missouri Conference had 45 DFS recipients, second only to the Georgia Conference, which has nearly a dozen UMC-related colleges and universities compared to Missouri's one and only university-C.M.U.
[Learn about scholarships for United Methodist members]