Because all Americans should be able to celebrate Independence Day with food on their tables.

In the past we have collected food for less fortunate families during the Thanksgiving or Christmas seasons.  Other community groups do the same.  Our church, however, recognized that needy families are often forgotten during the summer months.  So in 2012 we decided to do something about it.  We plan on doing it again this summer (2014).

On each of the five weeks before Independence Day we will collect a different kind of food.  We'll bag it up and take it to local families who might otherwise have to do without.  We want to provide a traditional July 4th menu, as well as food for other days of the week.

June 1   –  Canned food (baked beans, appesauce, canned fruit)
June 8   –  Boxed dinners; and macaaroni & cheese
June 15   –  Soda, instant tea, Kool-Aid, etc.
June 22   –  Potato hips, dips, condoments (ketchup, mustard, pickles)
June 29   –  Hot dogs & buns; lunch meat, bread

Bring your food with you to worship each Sunday.  Or drop it off during the week.  We will have a designated drop-off location in the sanctuary narthex and near the bulletin board in the hallway next to the secretary’s office.  Make sure any food you put in the refrigerator for this project is clearly marked “Food for the Fourth.”