House of My Father

What is House of My Father?
House of My Father is women's Domestic Violence Shelter here in our community.  Even before its opening on Christmas Eve 2011, it was already helping one woman turn her life around by providing a safe harbor.  Since then it has been working hard helping women put their lives back in order and get a new start.  HOMF also helps women learn how to recognize early signs of abuse.  Women are also able to connect with Christian based counseling.

What is Our Church has Done to Help?
Because this ministry is still so new, and because it is a non-profit project, there are a great many needs ranging from supplies, household items, and furniture to labor and the investment of people's time in repair work.  Our church recognized that we could not meet some of the bigger needs, but we could still help.  So, throughout the month of May last year we collected supplies and other items much needed by this fledgling ministry.

Click to see a list of items frequently needed.

Thrift Store
The folks from House of My Father also run a Thrift Store at 5 Washington Street; on the square in Carrollton, MO.  Be sure to drop in and see if you find anything you like!  Volunteer workers are warmly welcomed and appreciated.